Gordon Parks
Director of Technology

Rick Bond
Network Technician

Bruce Gilbert
Network Technician

Daniel MacLellan
Database Coordinator

Glenn Freeman
Admin Asst / App Support


Technology Vision Statement

Our vision is to foster a learning community that works together to elevate expectations and enhance the growth of all community members. 
The (K-12) educational experience will utilize developmentally appropriate technology as a teaching and learning tool to provide students and staff with opportunities for knowledgeable exploration, meaningful communication, curriculum integration and synthesis of information.  

The Sanborn community will be able to skillfully access and apply information, using technologies that will benefit personal growth, now and in the future.

Sanborn Regional Technology department has obtained FREE Sophos Anti Virus software for Community members due to our user agreement with Sophos.  For every School district license purchased one community member can receive a free anti virus license.

School district employess also receive reduced pricing on products from Dell, Microsoft and other vendors.

Please contact Gordon Parks for details.

Educational Technology Integration

The integration of technology tools and resources in classrooms is a key priority in all Sanborn schools.  Together with building level technology tntegration staff, the Sanborn Technology Department  continues to ensure that our students are prepared with the skills necessary for college and career readiness.  

Our work is guided by both State and National Technology Standards, as well as our own District Technology Plan.

  • National Educational Technology Standards for studentsNETS-S, teachers NETS-T, and administrators NETS-A

Safer Internet Day: don't be an online sheep - These Top 10 Tips help you think before you act

  1.  Limit your Facebook profile to your friends only.
  2. Accept online friend requests only from people you already know, and like, and trust.
  3. Only upload things you are happy for the whole world to see, including your parents, friends and even your enemies.
  4. Never give out your address or agree to meet in person someone you've "met" online.
  5. Set a password lock on your phone or any other device you use, and make sure it locks automatically when you aren't using it.
  6. Don't click on suspicious-looking links.
  7. Tell your friends in person if you receive unusual messages from them. (Someone could have stolen their passwords.)
  8. Always log out - don't leave any account open when you go away from your computer, phone or other device.
  9. Don't pick easy passwords - mix up letters, numbers and funny characters so other people can't guess what you chose.
  10. If you see something upsetting, or dangerous, or dishonest, speak up! Tell a parent or a teacher.

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